Russian Hair Ombre Extensions 4/1001 Dark Chestnut Brown/Platinum Blonde

De Seiseta Russian Hair Ombre Extensions 50-55 cm in color: Dark Chestnut Brown/Platinum Blonde

Russian Hair, the showpiece of SEISETA, is the most rare and precious hair quality in the world. The round, silky and very light structure of the hair is known for its combination of low density and high strength. This not only ensures that it lasts a long time, but is also light, making the hair very comfortable to wear.

Characteristic of this hair type is its smoothness, even at high humidity, which ensures that the hair is easy to manage and comb. Russian Hair gives volume and shine for extraordinary, long-lasting results. Limitless color options from deep black to Scandinavian blond.

length 50-55 cm

Content: 20 pieces

Color: Dark Auburn/Platinum Blonde

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